A Man with Burning Ropes

A man has two ropes of varying thickness, those two ropes are not identical, they aren’t the same density nor the same length nor the same width. Each rope burns in 60 minutes. How can he measure 45 mins using only these two ropes. He can’t cut the one rope in half because the ropes… Read More »

Out of 10 Coins

Out of 10 coins, one weighs less then the others. You have a scale. How will you determine which one weighs less in 4 weighs? How will you determine the above question, if you didn’t know whether the odd coin weighs less or more?

Probability of a Car Passing By

The probability of a car passing a certain intersection in a 20 minute windows is 0.9. What is the probability of a car passing the intersection in a 5 minute window? (Assuming a constant probability throughout)

Google Technical Inteview Hangout

Two software engineers from Google’s Pittsburgh office deliver a presentation on how to prepare for technical interviews in this Hangout on Air from October 9, 2012. The rundown menu is at the bottom. Head over to http://goo.gl/xSD7jo to learn more about how we hire and to find your role with us. 0:00 – Introductions 0:59… Read More »