Boolean String Value

Given a string consisting of only 0, 1, A, B, C where A = AND B = OR C = XOR Calculate the value of the string assuming no order of precedence and evaluation is done from left to right. Examples: Input : 1A0B1 Output : 1 1 AND 0 OR 1 = 1 Input… Read More »

Prime number problem

You need to a number of floors in a building. There are 68 floors (numbered 1 to 64). Conditions: 1. Can’t buy floors which numbers are prime. 2. Cannot buy floors which number contains a prime digit. 3. Can’t buy floor number 1. 4. Distance between all purchased floors must be different (i.e. you can’t… Read More »

Missing country code

Missing Country Code Imagine you get a data set from a client that contains addresses from 150 countries all around the world and your task is to verify them, the data is stored in 4 fields – Address Line 1, Address Line 2, City, ZIP code. What you also have available is address verification solution… Read More »

Prime number problem

A man has to buy 7 floors in a building. Numbered floor 1 to 68. Conditions: 1. He cannot buy floors with prime number. 2. He cannot buy floor number containing prime digit. 3. Floor number 1 is reserved for services. 4. Difference between all remaining floors shoud be different. 5. Difference between all remaing… Read More »

100 doors to be painted

You have 100 doors to be painted and 2 painters. 1 starts at one end and paints every other door. The other painter starts at the other end and paints every 3rd door. What door number will they meet at?