Out of 10 Coins

Out of 10 coins, one weighs less then the others. You have a scale. How will you determine which one weighs less in 4 weighs? How will you determine the above question, if you didn’t know whether the odd coin weighs less or more?

Probability of a Car Passing By

The probability of a car passing a certain intersection in a 20 minute windows is 0.9. What is the probability of a car passing the intersection in a 5 minute window? (Assuming a constant probability throughout)

Google Technical Inteview Hangout

Two software engineers from Google’s Pittsburgh office deliver a presentation on how to prepare for technical interviews in this Hangout on Air from October 9, 2012. The rundown menu is at the bottom. Head over to http://goo.gl/xSD7jo to learn more about how we hire and to find your role with us. 0:00 – Introductions 0:59… Read More »