Hard River Crossing

a disfunctional family has to cross the river. on one side of the river are a mom and 2 daughters, dad and 2 sons, the maid and the dog. there is a boat only big enough to hold 2 people (counting the dog as 1 person). only the adults are capable of operating the boat.… Read More »

Classic Weighing

this is a classic problem which i have heard many times before. this is the “harder” of the two problems, since in this one, you do not know if the invalid item weighs more or less than the others. solving it is only half the battle. writing up a solution that anyone including your grandma… Read More »

Monty Hall Problem

Another well known problem in probability is the Monty Hall problem. You are presented with three doors (door 1, door 2, door 3). one door has a million dollars behind it. the other two have goats behind them. You do not know ahead of time what is behind any of the doors.

Gold Chain

A man has a gold chain with 7 links. he needs the service of a laborer for 7 days at a fee of one gold link per day. however, each day of work needs to be paid for separately. in other words, the worker must be paid each day after working and if the laborer… Read More »


A one armed surgeon with a hand wound needs to operate on three patients. the surgeon only has two gloves. how can he operate on the three patients in turn without risking exchange of fluids? (remember he only has one arm so he only needs to wear one glove at a time.)


Part I: what is the angle between the minute hand and the hour hand at 3:15 on an analog clock? no, its not 0. Part II: how often does the minute hand pass the hour hand on an analog clock? Solution part I: 12 hours on the clock make 360 deg. so one hour is… Read More »

Mountain Man

At 6 a.m. a man starts hiking a path up a mountain. he walks at a variable pace, resting occasionally, but never actually reversing his direction. at 6 p.m. he reaches the top. he camps out overnight. the next morning he wakes up at 6 a.m. and starts his descent down the mountain. again he… Read More »

Treasure Island

You find an old treasure map in your grandma’s attic. the map shows a cannon, a coconut tree, and a palm tree. the map states that to find the treasure you must: a. start at the cannon, walk toward the palm tree while counting your paces. when you reach the palm tree, turn 90 degrees… Read More »

Screwy Pirates

A. first i would just like to say i am so glad jenna got voted off survivor. yuck, i couldn’t stand her ever since she accused that guy of eating beef jerky when he was chewing on grass. B. recruit meyer on boot camp rocks. did you see how he made himself cry to get… Read More »

Ants on a Triangle

There are three ants on a triangle, one at each corner. at a given moment in time, they all set off for a different corner at random. what is the probability that they don’t collide? Solution Consider the triangle ABC. We assume that the ants move towards different corners along the edges of the triangle.